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How many of your employees will be surveyed depends on the size of your company. Please see the chart below to determine the survey selection, as well as the fees regarding company size and survey method.

Participation Fees

Number of Eligible VT Employees

Number of Eligible VT Employees Surveyed

Online Fee*

Paper Fee*

15 – 24**




25 – 99




100 – 199




200 – 499

All (Up to 250)***



500 – 2499




2500 +




*Fees are non-refundable. **To ensure the credibility of the information, companies with 15-24 employees must have an 80% (or better) response rate on the employee survey to be considered for the list. ***Employees are randomly selected. Best Companies Group offers the option to survey more employees than the random sample calculated in the above chart, and/or include additional employees in the survey process who work in locations outside of the program area. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Best Companies Group for details and pricing.  


Additional Fees:
see Additional Services Deadline on the Timeline for important dates.

1) Should you need the employee survey translated into another language, there is a $215 cost per language.
2) We can survey more employees than the random sample listed above! $1.50 (online) or $2.85 (paper) per extra survey sent.
3) Your organization may be interested in custom survey design options to generate more meaningful and actionable BCG Insights Report package.
4) We offer more in-depth reporting beyond the BCG Insights Report package. Visit Advanced Reporting.
5) Registered organizations cancelling participation after October 30, 2020, will be assessed an additional $250 withdrawal fee.

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